WISE Courses: 2017 Fall Session

Please remember than only 2-5 spaces in total are available in each course for WISE students in the participating institutions. There is no guarantee that there will be space for you in any of these courses.
• You should NOT request a space in a WISE course unless you are reasonably sure you will actually take the course if offered a space. It causes logistical problems to “take up” a space then drop the course at the last minute.
• All courses have the four MLIS Core Courses as required pre-requisites for students in the MLIS and Dual programs. Students in the stand-alone MAS program must have completed the four MAS Core Courses. Other required pre-requisites are noted in the individual course descriptions. If you are in the MAS program you should ask Susie Stephenson [SLAIS Graduate Adviser] about whether or not you have taken the relevant equivalent courses in the MAS program.
• All SLAIS students are eligible to take relevant WISE courses. Stand-alone MAS students – see below for information on taking a WISE course. MACL, and Ph.D. students should consult with their advisers before requesting spaces in WISE courses.
• Students who are offered seats in their requested WISE courses will be registered in LIBR 593: Seminar by SLAIS office staff, but if you then drop the course it is your responsibility to drop the relevant section of LIBR 593: Seminar by the stated UBC drop deadlines.
• Students can take a maximum of two WISE courses [6 credits] as part of their MLIS, MAS, Dual MAS/MLIS, MACL, or Ph.D. programs. WISE courses do not count as “External Credits” for students in the MLIS or MLIS/Dual programs, but do count as external for students in the stand-alone MAS program.
• Students must agree to the course parameters of the host institution including course management tools, grading, and dates of term
• Students must have access to technology necessary for completion of course
• Students must have the technical knowledge to complete a course successfully
• Marks given by the program offering the course will be converted to UBC marks using only the WISE Marking Matrix. Please read over this document carefully as it will be the sole source used to convert marks from WISE institutions to UBC marks. No information from instructors beyond the actual mark submitted to WISE will be used in the conversion to UBC percentage marks. If a given institution is not shown on the matrix then the information for an institution with the same marking scheme will be used.
• To request a space in one or more of the WISE courses please follow the registration instructions distributed to all SLAIS students via email.
• Once you have completed course registration at the WISE web site, please send Aaron Loehrlein a separate e-mail [a.loe@ubc.ca] for each course giving this information:

  • Your name
  • Your program [MLIS, Dual MAS/MLIS, MAS, MACL, CAS, Ph.D.]
  • Your UBC student number
  • The name, number, and institution of the course you wish to take
  • If you have already taken a WISE course in the past
  • If you are requesting a space in two or more courses please send separate emails for each course and indicate the ranking of the requests.

• IMPORTANT- If you are in the stand-alone MAS – before we can send approval to WISE for you to take a course you must have first completed and submitted the Request for Credit for External Courses Form. It must be signed by Rick Kopak as SLAIS Graduate Adviser before the WISE registration process can take place. When you send your request to take a class to Aaron please indicate that the External Credit form has already been submitted and approved. If you forget to provide the required information or you haven’t completed the approval process it will delay the process of trying to secure a seat for you in one of the WISE courses. Given the small number of seats, it will likely keep you from obtaining one of the seats.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you take a WISE course you are registered in a SLAIS/UBC course: LIBR 593D or LIBR 593E and all the normal add/drop dates at UBC apply. You are held responsible for dropping ALL relevant courses by the UBC deadlines. If you forget to drop [even if the WISE course has not yet started] you may receive a mark of “F” in the course.

NOTE: Registration for the 2017 Summer term WISE courses is currently open. It is possible that additional WISE courses may be added later.

VERY IMPORTANT: No American students with US government loans can take any WISE courses as this would invalidate the loans.

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to the end dates of some of these courses they cannot be taken by any students who will graduate in December 2017. WISE instructors have up to three weeks after the end of the course to submit marks and SLAIS must submit a list of graduating students to UBC in mid-August.

FALL 2017 WISE Course Offerings

Info. Tech. in Educ. Orgs.

Syracuse University


Information Analytics

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Information Sources & Services: Social Sciences Queens College


Intellectual Freedom in Libraries

Rutgers University


Lib Svces to Students w/Disab

Syracuse University


Litrcy Through Schl Libraries

Syracuse University



The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Metadata Architectures and Applications

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Resource Descrp-Libr Catalogs

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Special Topics in Info Science: Infopreneurship The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Transformative Library Leadership

Rutgers University