Timetable: 2016-2017 Winter Session Term 2 [January-April]

January 12, 2017
Subject to Change

DAY ROOM 8:00 –10:50 a.m. 9:00 –11:50 a.m. 2:00–4:50 p.m. 6:00-8:50 p.m.
MONDAY  461 LIBR 526 [EM]
 156 ARST 545 [JD]
Terrace Lab LIBR 559D [MAM]
 185 ARST 587 / LIBR 587 [TF]
157  LIBR 569R/ARST  575R [JP]
BUCH D323 LIBR 556 [RK]
 TUESDAY  155 LIBR 508 [LN]
461  ARST 575J / LIBR 514K [VL] LIBR 512 [FE]
 191 LIBR 534 [DG]
 185 ARST 540 [DH]
ALRD B101 LIBR 580 [KM]
WEDNESDAY  155 LIBR 506 [DH] LIBR 509 [AL]
 158  ARST 500 [MR]
191 LAIS 608 [LF]
461 LIBR 535 [EM] LIBR 523 [JS] LIBR 574 [TS]
BUCH D323  ARST 556H [CR]
Terrace Lab  LIBR 569A [LN]
THURSDAY Terrace Lab  LIBR 582 / ARST 556P [RAH]  LIBR 559C [MAM]  LAIS 609C [IR]
461  ARST 520 [LD]  LIBR 570 *[AG/DS]
BUCH D216 ARST 560 / LIBR 514H [VL]
 185 LIBR 511 [AL]
 155 LIBR 507 [RK]
ANGU 437 LIBR 575 [AF]

*Blended learning course. Some components will be face-to-face and others will be online.

Building abbreviations, please click on link: Guide on Building Abbreviations

Web Delivered Courses

NOTE: ** There is a required university fee of $45 for each web-delivered course. This is not covered by the regular tuition installment

1 Credit Courses

No 1-credit courses scheduled.

NOTE: All courses must meet minimum class size requirements [eight students for ARST courses and 10 students for LIBR courses]. If minimum size is not met the course may be cancelled. As well, all courses are subject to instructor availability and budgetary restrictions. Changes in instructor availability may require modifying the day/time in which a course if offered or the course might have to be cancelled.

Course List & Syllabi

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Library and Information Studies Courses

Courses Instructor Syllabus
LIBR 506: Human Information Interaction (3) Deborah Hicks Syllabus
LIBR 507: Methods of Research and Evaluation in Information Organizations (3) Rick Kopak Syllabus
LIBR 508: Information Practices in Contemporary Society (3) Lisa Nathan Syllabus
LIBR 509: Foundations of Resource Description and Knowledge Organization (3) Aaron Loehrlein Syllabus
LIBR 511: Cataloguing and Classification (3) Aaron Loehrlein Syllabus
LIBR 512: Indexing (3) Florian Ehrensperger Syllabus
LIBR 514H: Records and Information Governance (3) [cross-listed with ARST 560] Victoria Lemieux Syllabus
LIBR 514K: IT Security, Information Assurance and Risk Management (3) [cross-listed with ARST 575J] Victoria Lemieux Syllabus
LIBR 523: Canadian Literature and Other Materials for Children (3) Kathie Shoemaker Syllabus
LIBR 526: Literature and Other Materials for Children (3) Eric Meyers Syllabus
LIBR 529: Services for Families and Early Literacy in the Preschool Years (3) Allison Taylor-McBryde Syllabus
LIBR 534: Health Information Sources and Services (3) Dean Giustini Syllabus
LIBR 535: Instructional Role of the Librarian (3) Eric Meyers Syllabus
LIBR 556: Information Design II: Documents (3) Rick Kopak Syllabus
LIBR 559C: Python Programming (3) Muhammad Abdul-Mageed Syllabus
LIBR 559D: Social Media Intelligence (3) Muhammad Abdul-Mageed Syllabus
LIBR 569A: Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives (3) Lisa Nathan Syllabus
LIBR 569R: Graduating Project (3) [cross-listed with ARST 575R] Jody Perkins Syllabus
LIBR 570: Marketing in Information Organizations (3)  Alyssa Green & Dan Slessor Syllabus
LIBR 574: Project Management in Information Organizations (3)  Trevor Smith Syllabus
LIBR 575: Academic Libraries (3) Adam Farrell Syllabus
LIBR 580: Collection Management (3) Kevin Madill Syllabus
LIBR 582: Digital Images and Collections (3) [cross-listed with ARST 556P] Richard Arias-Hernandez Syllabus
LIBR 587: Preservation (3) [cross-listed with ARST 587] Tara Fraser Syllabus
LIBR 592: Directed Research Project (3) Various
LIBR 594: Directed Study (3) Various
LIBR 595: Practicum (0) Student Services Coordinator
LIBR 596: Professional Experience (3) [cross-listed with ARST 596] Student Services Coordinator
LIBR 597: Research Collaboration (3) Various
LIBR 599A: Thesis (12) Various

Doctoral Courses

Course Instructor Syllabus
LAIS 608: Academic and Research Practices in Library Archival and Information Studies (3) Luanne Freund Syllabus
LAIS 609C: Data Analysis (3) Ido Roll Syllabus
LAIS 620: Advanced Study in Major Area (6) Various
LAIS 621: Advanced Study in Minor Area (6) Various
LAIS 699: Thesis (0) Various