Research Day 2018 call for submissions

Research Day showcases the contributions of iSchool students and faculty working at the intersections of archival, information, library and children’s literature studies. The iSchool’s 8th annual Research Day will be held Friday, March 9.

Current iSchool students, faculty and adjuncts are welcome to submit talks, posters and demonstrations of their work. Demonstrations can include tutorials, search interfaces, software tools or digital collections that can be shared with the community. Abstracts are due Friday, February 3 at midnight, and should be 1-2 pages in length.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Nadia Caidi, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Information (iSchool) University of Toronto. The full program will be announced soon.

For more information on Research Day, or to RSVP, please visit the Research Day page.



Call for submissions!

We welcome submissions from current iSchool students, faculty and adjuncts. Students are specially invited to submit products from their own research related activities, independent inquiries, or course-related projects.


Presentations:  Talks and Posters

The presentation category is divided into short talks and posters. The majority of submissions will be accepted as posters, with a representative few submissions presented as short talks. When submitting to this category, please indicate whether you would like your submission to be considered for a short talk. The interactive nature of the poster session is intended to encourage discussion and debate.


Demonstrations may consist of digital tutorials, search interfaces, digital collections, software tools, applications, and so on that you wish to share with the community.


Extended abstracts are due: Friday, February 3, 2018, midnight PST


If you are interested in participating in the iSchool’s Research Day, please submit an extended abstract, 1-2 double-spaced pages in length (~400-500 words), in PDF format. Extended abstracts must be submitted electronically via the EasyChair conference submission system.  Participants who do not have an EasyChair account will need to create one . Extended abstracts should include:

  • Title for your work and full name(s) of contributor(s)
  • The motivation for the work
  • An introduction to the idea and its context in the professional/academic literature
  • Method or approach proposed/taken
  • Actual or anticipated results or outcomes (if applicable), and
  • Contributions of the work.

Questions about Research Day can be directed to Dr. Heather O’Brien or Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed.



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