Friday, November 1st, 2019 at 6:30 pm

University of British Columbia
Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre
Jack Poole Hall (2nd Floor)
6163 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC

Come celebrate the achievements of the iSchool Students!


UBC iSchool awards more than 40 scholarships and prizes each year to students as entrance, continuing or graduate awards.
This annual event brings together students, faculty, staff, alumni and the professional community in recognizing the achievements of our students.
Join us in celebration at the 4th Annual iSchool Awards Gala, enjoy some light refreshments, and renew connections
with all of those who contribute to the continuing success of UBC iSchool.


Gala - Program

The event is fully accessible. Please note there is a new parking lot directly beside the venue.

Keynote Speaker – Erik Kwakkel

Why I don’t read books

For historians of the book there are many reasons not to read the books placed in front of them in libraries and archives. It is key to fight the temptation to read the yellow and crumbly pages, simply because it distracts from what is equally important: the material design of the object. A great deal of information can be gleaned from the way in which the words are placed on the page, the dimensions of that page, and even the materials it is made of. Exploring cases from before the introduction of printing in Europe, this lecture shows how to read the material book and why that is fruitful. Books before print highlight, for example, that our interaction with information is timeless: the urge to own cheap copies and to show ourselves in selfies both predate printing by several centuries. In order to understand the history of information, it is best not to read books, but to look at them.