Community and Culture

The focus of this pathway will be on the development of knowledge and skills related to the collection and stewardship of cultural materials and the provision of information and cultural services to communities that support and are respectful of their needs, traditions and ways of knowing.  This pathway is associated with professional work related to community librarianship, community archives, community outreach, cultural heritage preservation and education, digitization and digital curation projects, and information policy.  It is associated with academic research in the fields of community informatics, First Nations studies, LGBTQ studies, social justice librarianship, information policy, museum studies, etc.

This pathway is complementary to the First Nations Curriculum Concentration.

Primary Electives (taught every year)

LIBR 553 (3) Understanding Information Users in Diverse Environments

LIBR 581 (3) Digital Libraries

Secondary Electives

LIBR 516 (3) Information Asset Management

LIBR 538B (3) Theory and Practice of Oral History

LIBR 561 (3) Information Policy

LIBR 569A (3) Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives

LIBR 579J (3) Community-Led Libraries

LIBR 582 (3) Digital Images and Collections

LIBR 587 (3) Preservation

Related Electives

LIBR 514G (3) Records Systems in the Digital Environment

LIBR 514H (3) Records and Information Governance

LIBR 559D (3) Social Media Intelligence

LIBR 570 (3) Marketing in Information Organizations

 LIBR 574 (3) Project Management in Information Organizations

LIBR 579G (3) Introduction to Archives for Librarians

Relevant courses outside the school (TBD)

Courses in museum studies, leadership, First Nations Studies & Languages, social work