Experiential Learning Information

The School of Library, Archival and Information Studies at The University of British Columbia (SLAIS the iSchool) offers students a suite of experiential learning courses including, practicums, internships, and professional experiences. SLAIS the iSchool is very committed to providing quality experiential learning opportunities for students. To achieve this goal students, experiential learning hosts and the Student Services Coordinator work closely together on establishing placement opportunities.  Students are encouraged to carefully consider their options when selecting their experiential learning placements. Although guided by their faculty advisor and aided by the Student Services Coordinator with the selection of placements, they should consider their career prospects or special interests when choosing each placement option.

Please refer to the Experiential Learning Documents Section for more information on these opportunities as well as documents required to set up and complete each placement.

Should you have any questions regarding an experiential learning course, please do not hesitate to contact Christopher Fernandez, Educational Services Coordinator, ischool.edsc@ubc.ca.

Experiential Learning Documents