Courses By Term: 2015-2016, Winter Session, Term 1 [September/December]

These syllabi are accurate for the start of the term. All are subject to revision.

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Course Instructor Syllabus
LIBR 504: Management of Information Organizations (3) [cross-listed with ARST 570] Louise Broadley/Anne Olsen Syllabus
LIBR 505: Research Methods in Information Organizations (3) [cross-listed with ARST 591]*[No longer offered as of January 2016] Richard Arias-Hernandez Syllabus
LIBR 506: Human Information Interaction (3) Heather O'Brien Syllabus
LIBR 507: Methods of Research and Evaluation in Information Organizations (3) Luanne Freund Syllabus
LIBR 508: Information Practices in Contemporary Society (3) Lisa Nathan Syllabus
LIBR 509: Foundations of Resource Description and Knowledge Organization (3) Aaron Loehrlein Syllabus
LIBR 511: Cataloguing and Classification (3) Florian Ehrensperger Syllabus
LIBR 514E: Taxonomies: Research and Evaluation (3) Aaron Loehrlein Syllabus
LIBR 514G: Records Systems in the Digital Environment (3) [cross-listed with ARST 556E] Sarah Romkey Syllabus
LIBR 521: Contemporary Literature and Other Materials for Children (3) Judi Saltman Syllabus
LIBR 527: Services for Children (3) Judi Saltman Syllabus
LIBR 534: Health Information Sources and Services (3) Dean Giustini Syllabus
LIBR 538B: Theory and Practice of Oral History (3) Jodi Perkins Syllabus
LIBR 554: Database Design (3) [cross-listed with ARST 554] Richard Arias-Hernandez Syllabus
LIBR 557: Information Retrieval Concepts and Practice (3) Mary Sue Stephenson Syllabus
LIBR 559B: New Media for Children and Young Adults (3) Eric Meyers Syllabus
LIBR 559P: Scripting Languages for Information Professionals: Introduction to PHP (1) Colleen Bell Syllabus
LIBR 569A: Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives (3) Spencer Lilley Syllabus
LIBR 575: Academic Libraries (3) Adam Farrell Syllabus
LIBR 579M: Fundamentals of Business Development in Information Organizations (1) Manuela Boscenco Syllabus
LIBR 581: Digital Libraries (3) [cross-listed with ARST 556M] Richard Arias-Hernandez Syllabus
LIBR 587: Preservation (3) [cross-listed with ARST 587] Sabina Sutherland  Syllabus
LIBR 592: Directed Research Project (3) Various
LIBR 594: Directed Study (3) Various
LIBR 595: Practicum (0) Student Services Coordinator
LIBR 596: Professional Experience (3) [cross-listed with ARST 596] Student Services Coordinator
LIBR 597: Research Collaboration (3) Various
LIBR 599A: Thesis (6/12) Various

Course Instructor Syllabus
LAIS 607: Doctoral Proseminar (3)  Lisa Nathan  Syllabus
LAIS 609: Advanced Seminar in Library, Archival and Information Studies Topics: Interactive Information Retrieval (3-6)d  Luciana Duranti  Syllabus
LAIS 620: Advanced Study in Major Area (6) Various
LAIS 621: Advanced Study in Minor Area (6) Various
LAIS 699: Thesis (0) Various