Data Services

This pathway is designed to develop the competencies necessary to provide services related to data, which can enable the data to be used to draw conclusions or make decisions.  An important focus of this pathway is data stewardship, which involves management and maintenance of data and metadata that ensures integrity and quality.  A secondary focus is data analysis, especially the ability to summarize and visualize data to facilitate understanding and communication.  This pathway is associated with professional work in positions such as Data Librarian, Data Curator, Research Data Manager, Data Steward, Data Scientist, Social Media Manager.

Primary Electives (taught every year)

LIBR 514F (3) Information Visualization and Visual Analytics

LIBR 554 (3) Database Design

LIBR 559C (3) Python Programming

Secondary Electives

LIBR 539J (3) Data Sources in the Public Domain

LIBR 559D (3) Social Media Intelligence

LIBR 559S (3) Research Data Management for Information Professionals

Related Electives

LIBR 512 (3) Indexing

LIBR 557 (3) Information Retrieval Concepts and Practice

LIBR 574 (3) Project Management in Information Organizations

LAIS 609C (3) Data Analysis (Intro Level; Open to MLIS/MAS)

External UBC Courses related to Data Analysis – TBD

Courses in statistics, data analysis, big data