SLA Webinar: What Colour is Your Diversity? Demystifying Diversity for Librarians

This webinar will tackle how implicit bias has impacted the libraries field and explore the concepts of culture and diversity as they pertains to library services. Drawing on his own research and experiences as Co-Chair of ViMLoC: the Visible Minority Librarians of Canada Network, webinar speaker Allan Cho will help attendees develop skills and strategies to mindfully and effectively communicate with diverse library users and fellow librarians alike despite our inherent biases developed both consciously and without our even knowing them.

Allan Cho is an academic librarian, an iSchool alum, and researcher who specialize in publishing, culture, and technology. He holds three Masters degrees from UBC: in History, Education Technology, and Library and Information Studies. Allan has worked as a Librarian at UBC since 2007 and is the current Co-Chair of ViMLoC: the Visible Minority Librarians of Canada Network.

The webinar is free, but requires registration. For registration and dial-in details, visit the SLA website.

For questions, contact Bronwyn Guiton.