UBC Blockathon for social good: Blockchain Identity for the homeless

Blockchain@UBC is holding a two-day blockathon for social good, where participants work to solve a problem affecting homeless individuals.

There are prizes for the top team, runner up team and honorary mention team. Anyone is free to register, however, non-UBC students will be automatically assigned to teams at the start of the Blockathon on Saturday, May 26.


The Problem:

Homeless individuals often lose their government ID and possessions because of the lack of personal storage while living on the streets. Lack of ID can prevent homeless individuals from accessing needed government, health, social, legal and financial services. Getting their ID back can prove difficult for them as they are unable to prove who they are.

The Challenge:

Working in teams, Blockathon participants are challenged to develop a decentralized identity solution with a retrieve function using any blockchain platform. As IDs must persist for extended periods of time, participants’ solutions must address long-term preservation issues, such as what happens if the blockchain platform is no longer available but the IDs still need to be accessed. For extra points, participants are challenged to build on top of their distributed identity solution a DApp that can improve the lives of the homeless.

To register, or for more information, visit the event page.

For information on the process, industry mentors and partners, visit the Blockchain@UBC website.