FAQ for Current Students

Students can find additional FAQs for Graduate Students on the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ Managing Your Program page.

Courses and Registration

Students can take a maximum of 15 credits per winter term, or 30 credits per winter session -- that's usually 5 courses per term. Many students take fewer than 5 courses per term, allowing for time to work, play, or study. It's up to you on how many credits you take. Four courses is considered a full-time workload. Always be aware of drop and withdrawal dates -- you might want to lighten the load if things seem too much. Keep in mind that credit load requirements may apply for on campus housing, student loans, scholarships, etc. It's your responsibility to ensure you meet these requirements if applicable.

Students in the MAS and MLIS programs can take up to 12 credits outside of the program. Students in the Dual program can take up to 9 credits outside of the MLIS and MAS programs.

For details on how to take a course outside of your degree program, visit the courses page.

To take any course outside your program (including iSchool courses that are not in your specific program), begin by getting the instructor’s permission. Then fill out the "Application for Credit for External Courses” form available on the Forms and Resources for Students page. If the course is outside of the iSchool, include the syllabus and a statement explaining why it will benefit your program of study. Send the application and supporting documents to the Program Assistant, who will give it to the Graduate Advisor for review and approval. Pre-requisites may not apply, but in some courses you may be given some additional reading in advance by the course instructor to ensure you are prepared for the course content.

For additional details on how to take a course outside of your degree program, visit the courses page.

Registration dates and times for the Winter Session are available in June, and Summer Session dates are available in late February. Check the Student Service Centre (SSC) regularly for your personalized registration date and time, which are subject to change.

Students can place themselves on a course wait list. Go to  https://applications.arts.ubc.ca/secure/index.php, login in with your CWL and follow the instructions. If a seat opens up, you will be notified by the office staff and will have to confirm you still want the space.

Students can audit a course by asking the instructor of the course for permission and completing the Change of Registration from. See the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Change of Registration form. Fill out the "Audit" section of the form, and obtain the course instructor's signature and the graduate advisor signature. Then submit it to the iSchool Program Assistant for processing. Completed forms must be processed before the start of the first class. Keep in mind that it is within the instructor's rights to require that auditing student do all of the assignments if that's what the instructor decide. Auditing is at the discretion of the instructor, but in all cases audit students are not permitted space in a course until all of the for-credit students on a course wait list have been offered spaces.

Student can find out the course drop date without a “W” on their transcript by visiting the UBC Enrolment Services website on Course Change Dates. This information can also be found on the course listing through the SSC (Student Service Centre).

Student can find out the course drop date without a “W” on their transcript by visiting the UBC Enrolment Services website on Course Change Dates. This information can also be found on the course listing through the SSC (Student Service Centre).

Students should contact UBC Enrolment Services to clear their tuition fees.  Once the fees are cleared, students will be able to add or drop courses.

Students should contact the iSchool Program Assistant to check that the degree status for the changed program is open for course registration.

Students can find out the room their class will be taught by looking at the timetables. Students can also find this information on the SSC under Registration - Course Schedules. (Note: Courses in the Terrace Lab will appear as "SEE DEPT" in the SSC).

Students will be registered into WISE courses in SSC once the WISE class lists have been confirmed during the middle of term.

Students should speak to their faculty advisor for suggestions. There may be a possibility to do a directed study, directed research, practicum and/or professional experience.  Another possibility is to take an outside course from another department.

Administrative Matters and Issues

Students can get a letter to extend their study permit or visa from the department by sending an email to the Program Assistant (slais.program@ubc.ca). Please include start date, prospective end date, any financial support, awards etc. Information on post-graduation work permits, please see the UBC Student Services section on securing a post-graduation work permit.

Students can apply for a leave of absence by completing the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Leave of Absence Form. Students should also consult with the iSchool Graduate Advisor. Completed forms with rationale can be submitted to the Program Assistant for processing.

Students can book equipment by contacting iSchool Information Assistant, who will confirm once it’s been booked.

Through the SSC (Student Service Centre), under Grades and Record. If you need a personalized letter, send an email request to the Program Assistant. The request must include your name, program, student number, to whom it is to be addressed and when you need the program verification letter.

Students can find job postings for both student and professional employment opportunities at the iSchool News Blog.

If you lost an item, please check with the Information Assistant in the Main Office. If the lost item was outside of the iSchool, please check at the UBC Library circulation desk in the Barber Centre. Also, check with Campus Security office at the UBC Bookstore on East Mall.

Students who plan to withdraw from the program will need to contact the iSchool Graduate Advisor. An email request with rationale and withdraw date must be sent to the Graduate Advisor and email copy (cc) the Program Assistant. Access cards must be returned and inquiries about SLAIS fees should be directed to the Program Assistant. Inquiries about tuition fees are directed to Enrolment Services.

Students who request a name change must bring supporting legal documentation (i.e., marriage certificate) to the iSchool Main Office to update the School’s records. Student must also contact Enrolment Services to update Campus records. For further details, see the Student Services website.

Students must update all contact information in the SSC, and also provide it to staff in the Main Office.

Lockers are assigned on a first come, first serve basis at the start of every September, January and May terms, after the iSchool Orientation session on the first day of the term. If you would like to sign up for a locker, please come to the Main Office front desk anytime after the Orientation session.

Students who plan to be outside the Greater Vancouver Regional District on an educational activity for an entire term may request a U-Pass exemption letter by contacting the Program Assistant. The request must include student number and when to you need the letter.

Student tuition fee inquiries are directed to Enrolment Services.

The deadline for grades to be completely submitted is one week after the last day of final exams. Please check that your grades are submitted before ordering a transcript. If the grades have not yet been submitted, contact your course instructor.

Health and Safety

If you do see a suspicious person in the secured iSchool area, please contact front desk reception or a faculty member. Each guest that comes to the iSchool must check in at front desk reception.

First, stay calm. Familiarize yourself with the emergency exits, location of extinguishers, exits and areas of refuge in advance so you will know what to do. Be prepared by reading the information at the Irving K. Barber Safety Resource Centre.

If you need a simple finger bandage, you can go to front desk reception. The IBLC Floor Wardens and Security personnel can also provide some basic first aid. If it is a more serious injury, go the UBC Hospital Urgent Care Centre at 2211 Wesbrook Mall.

You can pay for Student Accident Insurance by contacting the Administrative Assistant. Student Accident Insurance is an optional insurance plan which provides accident (not illness) coverage for UBC students and post-doctoral fellows engaged in coursework-related activities in environments where the risk of injury is greater than in a classroom, e.g. laboratories, clinical practice, field work. It provides a $50,000 maximum benefit for death or dismemberment and a $5,000 limit for other medical related expenses, e.g., ambulance, prescription drugs. Students must have the BC Medical Plan or its equivalent from another province in place (basic medical care) in order to be eligible for Student Accident Insurance. The cost to enrol in the Student Accident Insurance program is $7 per student per year. For details, please see Student Accident Insurance.

International students can get more information about iMED from International House.