FAQ for Graduating Students

Students who plan to graduate must apply for graduation through the SSC. Faculty materials and white access cards must be returned. Lockers and mail boxes should be cleared out by end of term. Any outstanding tuition fees for the current and previous terms must be paid in full, but you do not need to pay fees for the upcoming term.

You can contact the Program Assistant (ischool.program@ubc.ca) to look over your transcript of grades to confirm that you have met requirements.

Students can apply for graduation in SSC in the last month of their term.

Students who missed the deadline need to complete the late application for graduation form. You will need to contact Enrolment Services to get the form.

Students can request a program completion letter in the Student Service Centre (SSC) through Graduate Studies. The letter is available once all program requirements are met and the student's record is marked complete by Graduate Studies . Student are able to print their own letters of program completion or degree conferral through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Convocation information is available at http://www.graduation.ubc.ca/ubc-vancouver/for-students/

Graduation photos in gown and hood are organized by LASSA. Please contact a LASSA member to assist you.

You can find information to apply for departmental graduating awards at http://www.slais.ubc.ca/admissions/admissions-awards.htm

The School's graduation reception happens the same day as convocation. Notice is sent individually to students regarding the date, time and location.

Students can book their own grad gown and hood by contacting the UBC Bookstore. See http://www.graduation.ubc.ca/ubc-vancouver/for-students/graduation-gowns/

Graduating students can get information about getting tickets for convocation at http://www.graduation.ubc.ca/ubc-vancouver/for-students/

If you would like to bring extra guests to the SLAIS graduation reception, you can contact SLAIS front desk reception. Extra tickets are $15 per person.

You will receive a notice through SSC for confirmation of graduation.

Tuition fees for the upcoming term do not need to be paid if you are graduating this term. The fees will be cleared up by Graduate Studies.