Thank you for your generosity.

Mary Sue Stephenson Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching

Susie has been a cornerstone of the MLIS and DUAL MASLIS programs having taught all students coming into the Core since 1995. In addition she has served as Chair of the MLIS program, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, Programs Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty Liaison making her instrumental in shaping the MLIS curriculum at the School.

Susie is also known for her open door policy, willingness to provide extra instruction of those who ask and of course her limitless bowl of candy that encourages impromptu conversation and return visits.

“My every interaction with Susie helped me become the librarian I am today, able to innovate and to face the myriad of challenges in our profession. While her guidance and knowledge will be sorely missed (“irreplaceable” is the word that comes to mind) she has earned her retirement many times over. Her legacy is aptly represented by the hundreds of library professionals who can look back to their time with Susie and count that among the seminal influences on their career path. Susie, you will be sorely missed.”



The Judith Saltman Prize

Judith Saltman is recognized internationally as an expert on Canadian children’s literature. She has influenced new generations of students over the past 32 years in her role as Professor within the School, as Chair of the Master of Arts in Children’s Literature (MACL) program, and developer and instructor for numerous courses in children’s literature and public library services to children and young adults. Her love for the field, her warmth and generosity, and knowledge of children’s literature and librarianship has won the hearts of students who come to the School.

“I remember visiting Judi at SLAIS for the first time. I had no idea what to expect. I entered her office, a space so full of books, I was worried there would be nowhere to sit. After a few short minutes I knew I had found my home. Judi’s enthusiasm was infectious. Only one year later I was beginning my degree at SLAIS with Judi guiding the way.

While many people helped me pursue my degree, Judith encouraged me to push myself beyond just my degree. She helped me find ways to get involved in children’s literature scholarship through the Children’s Literature Association, and the American Library Association. Judith has been an inspiration and a source of guidance throughout my post-secondary career. She’s a force to be reckoned with, in the best possible way.”