Information Interaction and Design

The focus of this pathway will be on the development of knowledge and skills related to the ways in which humans search for and interact with information and media, and the design of social and technological systems to support those interactions.  This pathway is associated with professional work in fields such as information architecture, web design, information services, instructional design, usability testing and user-centred design.  It is associated with academic research in the fields of information behaviour, human-computer interaction, Internet research, media studies, knowledge organization and design.

Primary Electives (taught every year)

LIBR 514E (3) Taxonomies: Research and Evaluation

LIBR 555 (3) Information Design I: Systems

LIBR 556 (3) Information Design II: Documents

Secondary Electives

LIBR 512 (3) Indexing

LIBR 514F (3) Information Visualization and Visual Analytics

LIBR 539J (3) Data Sources in the Public Domain

LIBR 553 (3) Understanding Information Users in Diverse Environments

LIBR 554 (3) Database Design

LIBR 557 (3) Information Retrieval Concepts and Practice

LIBR 559C (3) Python Programming

LIBR 574 (3) Project Management in Information Organizations

LIBR 581 (3) Digital Libraries

Related Electives

LIBR 535 (3) Instructional Role of the Information Professional

LIBR 548H (3) Community Informatics

LIBR 559B (3) New Media for Children and Young Adults

LIBR 559D (3) Social Media Intelligence

LIBR 561 (3) Information Policy

LIBR 582 (3) Digital Images and Collections

Relevant courses outside the school

Courses in cognitive science, psychology, design, HCI. The Designing for People Program.