UBC iSchool participates in international iConference

UBC iSchool is participating in this year’s annual iConference, organized by the iSchools, a worldwide association of Information Schools. The iConference will be held in Sheffield, UK, from March 25 to 28, with the theme Transforming Digital Worlds. Several professors and students are participating in the conference:
  • Assistant Professor Jennifer Douglas, along with Bonnie Mak (University of Illinois), Heather Marie MacNeil and Fiorella Foscarini (University of Toronto), and Gillian Oliver (Monash University), will present “Standardizing Knowledge,” a session on how standards can transmit values and biases.
  • Associate Professor Eric Meyers and student Bonnie Tulloch are presenting their poster, “Children’s Film as Design Fiction: Ethics, Data, and Technology in Big Hero 6 and Zootopia” as part of the poster sessions.

    Director Luanne Freund is chairing a session of papers on Information Retrieval, and co-presenting a paper with instructor Richard Arias-Hernandez, “Raising the baseline: self-directed technology skills assessment and learning.” The paper highlights UBC iSchool’s Technology in the Core program and how it addresses information technology literacy levels of incoming students.

  • Ph.D. students Michelle Kaczmarek, Andrea Hoff, Robyn Schafer, Saguna Shankar and Bonnie Tulloch will be leading a two-part interactive workshop on vocabularies – identifying contentious keywords within the information studies field, and discussing how these keywords impact our understanding of the field, our research, and our peers’ work within the iSchool community.
The iConference 2018  is jointly organized by two iSchools in the UK: The University of Sheffield’s Information School and the iSchool at Northumbria. Visit the iConference website for complete details.

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