iSchool student curates exhibit for UBC Library


Photo courtesy UBC Library.


UBC iSchool student Ashlynn Prasad, a dual MASLIS student, was recently profiled by UBC Library for her work on A British Columbia Time Capsule exhibit. Prasad curated the exhibit specifically for Ike’s Café in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

The exhibit, which includes photos of Stanley Park, the Fraser River and the provincial government buildings in Victoria among other BC landmarks, was curated with the Ike’s Café audience in mind. “I knew that the individuals coming through the café would have varying levels of familiarity with British Columbian landmarks – some would know them well, some would be experiencing them for the first time, and many would fall somewhere in between,” Prasad explains, “I tried to curate an exhibition that could appeal to anyone on that spectrum by showcasing landmarks that are generally quite well known, and which a large majority of people will at least have heard of– even if they’re completely new to the area.”

Stop by the Café to see the exhibit in person!

Read the full profile on the Library’s website.

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