LIBR 548G (1)


Offered on an irregular basis

MLIS and Dual MAS/MLIS: LIBR 500, LIBR 501
MAS: completion of MAS core and permission of the SLAIS Graduate Adviser

GOALS: The goal of this course is to prepare students to provide library services to genealogists. Students will acquire a practical knowledge of genealogical resources, and explore related topics including service levels, collection development, programming, outreach, inter-library loan and referral, and professional resources.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the goals of genealogical research
  • Describe the characteristics, needs and values of genealogists
  • Describe standard techniques and tools used in genealogical research
  • Conduct an effective genealogy reference interview
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of key genealogical resources and the ability to access them in a variety of formats
  • Demonstrate an understanding of related topics and issues, including service levels, collection development, programming, outreach, inter-library loan, referral to external resources, genealogy and heraldry consumer fraud, and professional resources


  • What is genealogy?: the characteristics and appeal of a burgeoning hobby
  • Who are genealogists?: characteristics, needs and values of genealogical researchers
  • Genealogical research methodology: standard strategies and tools used by genealogists
  • The genealogy reference interview
  • Major genealogical resources: characteristics and use of microfilm, print and electronic sources of genealogical guidance and information
  • Service levels: setting parameters for the provision of individual genealogical research assistance
  • Guidelines and procedures for developing library-based genealogical collections
  • Planning and delivery of genealogy-related library programs
  • Outreach: promoting library-based genealogy services
  • Inter-library loan and referral to external resources
  • Genealogy and heraldry consumer fraud
  • Professional resources and current awareness for genealogy librarians