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Upcoming Events

  • From Text Analytics to Predictive Analytics Enhanced by Language Sciences

    21st May 2019 2:00 pm, Orchard Commons, room 4074

    Data Science Institute Director and UBC Computer Science Professor Raymond Ng will give a short overview of some of his research, analyzing various types of text data, including sentiment analysis and abstractive summarization.

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  • WILU 2019 Conference: Engaging Place and Practice

    22nd May 2019 9:00 am,

    WILU is Canada’s primary conference on library instruction and information literacy.

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  • New Librarians Symposium 4.0

    24th May 2019 12:00 pm,

    Submit you proposal by Friday, April 5th, 2019. Read More

  • Graduate Instructional Skills Workshop

    25th May 2019 8:15 pm, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

    This 3-day workshop consists of teaching practice, theory application, and topical sessions specifically relevant to Teaching Assistants and Graduate Students at UBC.

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  • Blockchain@UBC Summer Program

    27th May 2019 1:30 pm,

    Are you interested in learning more about blockchain technology? Do you want to find out if it will save the world? Or make your coffee in the morning? Or, doom us all? Then the Blockchain@UBC Summer Program is for you!

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  • Storybook Mexico: Best practices to promote children’s literacies in Indigenous languages

    29th May 2019 2:00 pm, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

    Visiting scholar Dr. Anuschka van ‘t Hooft will talk about ideas to promote children's literacies in the Indigenous languages of Mexico

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  • 2019 ABC Copyright Conference- Negotiating Copyright: Local, National and Global Contexts

    30th May 2019 8:30 am,

    It is a fascinating time for copyright in Canada!

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  • Congress 2019 of the Humanities and Social Sciences

    1st Jun 2019,

    Apply today to volunteer!

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  • Reconsidering LIS Competencies Post TRC

    5th Jun 2019 1:00 pm, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

    This workshop will bring representatives of the ALA Accredited Programs and Schools in Canada together with other stakeholders to discuss the implications of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for graduate education in LIS.

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  • Graduate Writing Retreat

    11th Jun 2019 10:00 am, Lillooet Room at Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

    Any and all graduate writers enrolled at UBC are welcome to register free of charge, whether they plan to work on a research article, a master’s thesis, a doctoral dissertation, or any other piece of writing relevant to their studies. Read More

  • Trying to Mean More with Metadata

    11th Jun 2019 2:30 pm, Dodson Room, 3rd Floor, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

    The IMWG is exploring the Library’s metadata policies with respect to Xwi7xwa Library resources, and looking for opportunities to improve them. Come to listen but also to share your ideas for how the Library can do better.

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  • The Longest Day 10k and 5k race

    14th Jun 2019 6:30 pm,

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  • Learning Analytics Summer Institute

    17th Jun 2019,

    This coming June, UBC will be co-hosting the Learning Analytics Summer Institute, together with the Society for Learning Analytics Research.

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  • 2019 Summer Research Institute

    18th Jun 2019 11:30 am,

    The Summer Research Institute supports promising doctoral students and emerging scholars in sociotechnical systems research at the post-doctoral and early professoriate levels (within first 3 years). The institute has been an activity of the Consortium for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems Research (CSST) since 2008. Topics and problem domains of focus in socio-technical systems research include (but are...

  • ACA@UBC 12th Annual Seminar and Symposium

    13th Feb 2020,

    The 2020 Seminar and Symposium will focus on the role of appraisal in society today, as well as on our professional roles in relation to it.

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Past Events

  • Director’s Lunch (forum)

  • Communications Security Establishment (CSE) Information Session

  • Building Your Life’s Work Workshop

  • Aboriginal Longhouse Student Lunch

  • Graduate Advisory Information Session

  • iSchool co-op students conference

  • MLIS Tech Lab and Pathways Orientation

  • Applications for May 2018 Graduation Open