Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
M.A. (Indiana University Bloomington), Double Ph.D. (Indiana University Bloomington)
Assistant Professor
494 IBLC
604-827-4530| muhammad.mageed@ubc.ca | Website
Research Interests: Natural Language Processing; Deep Learning of Natural Language; Social Artificial Intelligence; Social Media Mining
Screen-Richard-7 Richard Arias-Hernandez
B.Sc., M.Sc. (Universidad de Los Andes), Ph.D. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
484 IBLC
604-822-1458 | richard.arias@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Social studies of information technology; Information technology design and social justice; Digital libraries, digital archives, visual analytics
Julia Bullard
M.A. (McMaster University), M.L.I.S. (University of British Columbia), Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin)
Assistant Professor
480 IBLC
604-822-2843 | julia.bullard@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Information and knowledge organization; Information ethics; Computer-supported cooperative work; Social computing
Screen-Jennifer-1 Jennifer Douglas
B.A. (University of Victoria), M.A. (University of Victoria), M.A.S. (University of British Columbia), Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
Assistant Professor
487 IBLC
604-827-5905 | jen.douglas@ubc.ca | Website
Research Interests: Personal archives; Writers’ archives; Archival arrangement and description; History and evolution of archival theory; Online communities and archives; Archival representation
luciana-2-copy1 Luciana Duranti
Dott. Lett., M.A.S., M.A. (Rome)
Professor and Director, InterPARES
478 IBLC
604-822-2587 | luciana.duranti@ubc.ca | Website
Research Interests: Records and archives in the Cloud environment; Trustworthiness of digital material (accuracy, reliability and authenticity); Principles & methods for selecting, acquiring & preserving contemporary records; Theory versus practice: what works in real situations.
Luanne Freund Luanne Freund
B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Carleton), M.L.S. (Jerusalem), Ph.D. (Toronto)
Associate Professor and Director
477 IBLC
604-822-0825| luanne.freund@ubc.ca | Website
Research Interests:
Interactive information retrieval; Web-based information seeking; Organizational information behaviour; Contextual and task-based approaches to information access; Digital genres
Screen-Rick-3 Rick Kopak
B.A. (Alberta), M.L.S., Ph.D. (Toronto)
Senior Instructor and SLAIS Graduate Adviser
495 IBLC
604-822-2898 | r.kopak@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Link typing; Hypertext; Digital libraries; Human-computer interaction; Information-seeking in distributed information environments; Information architecture; Information design
VictoriaLemieux1[3] Victoria L. Lemieux
B.A. (Toronto), M.A.S. (UBC), Ph.D. (UCL), CISSP
Associate Professor
488 IBLC
604-822-9199 | v.lemieux@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Records and information management; Risk Management; Information visualization and visual analytics; Transparency and the public interest (in public sector and financial contexts; International development
Screen-Eric-2 Eric Meyers
B.A., M.S.I., Grad.Cert. (Michigan), M.A. (Stanford), Ph.D. (University of Washington)
Associate Professor and Chair, MACL Program
485 IBLC
604-827-3945 | eric.meyers@ubc.ca | Website
Research Interests: Youth Information Interaction; Collaborative Information Seeking and Retrieval; Theories of Learning and Cognition; Youth Services; School and Public Libraries; New Media; Virtual Worlds
HR-Lisa-3 Lisa Nathan
B.A Honors (Eckerd), M.L.I.S. (Simmons), Ph.D. (University of Washington)
Associate Professor and Coordinator, First Nations Curriculum Concentration
481 IBLC
604-822-1574 | lisa.nathan@ubc.ca | Website
Research Interests:
Sustaining Information Practices; Indigenous Information Initiatives; Information Ethics; Design; Information Policy; Human-Computer Interaction; Multi-lifespan Information Systems; Sustainability; Value Sensitive Design
Screen-Heather-2 Heather L. O’Brien
B.A.Honours (Acadia), M.L.I.S., Ph.D. (Dalhousie)
Associate Professor
486 IBLC
604-827-5842 | h.obrien@ubc.ca | Website
Research Interests:
Theories of user experience; Methods for evaluating user experiences with technology; Scale development and evaluation; Human-computer interaction, specifically user perception research; The role of affect, behaviour and cognition in users’ interactions with technology; Information seeking, retrieval and use