Information Assistant
Debra Locke
Ph. 604 822 2404

Contact for:

  • Key access, locker sign-up and lost and found
  • Room/equipment bookings
  • Compiles the weekly Digest
  • Adds events to iSchool website and digital signage


Program Assistant
Jenna Richard
Ph. 604 822 3459

Contact for:

  • Prospective student inquiries
  • Current student advising (course registration, transcripts and records, submitting forms)
  • Graduate program admissions, scholarships, registration, and graduation
  • Provides administrative support to respective program areas

Educational Services Coordinator
Kevin Day
Ph. 604-822-2461

Contact for:

  • Current student advising (experiential learning, complex inquires)
  • Graduate program admissions, evaluations, and scholarships
  • Develops and oversees experiential learning opportunities and related community engagement
  • Organizes speaker and professional development sessions
  • Data collection and analyses for iSchool assessment of teaching and learning outcomes

Administrative Assistant
Connie Wintels
Ph. 604 822 5939

Contact for:

  • Administrative support for Director (scheduling meetings)
  • Financial processing and inquires (travel expense claims)
  • GRA and GAA payroll and appointments
  • Student Risk Insurance enrolment
  • Faculty recruitment, appointment, reappointment and procedures
  • Oversees Emeriti, Visiting, Adjunct and other ad hoc faculty appointments

Jessica Woolman

Marketing and Communications Manager
Jessica Woolman
Ph. 604-827-4523

Contact for:

  • Administrator for website and Resources site
  • Promotion of faculty, student and staff events, projects or initiatives
  • Manages social media channels
  • Editor for the weekly Digest and semi-annual newsletter


Administration Manager
Violet Redekop
Ph. 604-822-2446

Contact for:

  • Management and Human Resources questions
  • Visiting faculty, researcher and postdoc employment processing and procedures
  • iSchool budget and research
  • Facilities and space assignments

Administrative leadership

iSchool Director
Luanne Freund


Graduate Advisor
Rick Kopak


PhD Program Chair
Heather O’Brien


MACL Program Chair
Rick Gooding

FNCC Coordinator
Sarah Dupont


FNCC Faculty liaison
Jennifer Douglas


BMS Program head
Richard Arias-Hernandez


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