iSchool students come from all over Canada and around the world. Some students come to the iSchool right after completing an undergraduate degree, some after other advanced degrees, and still others after pursuing another career for a number of years. This wealth of experience and background provides an always interesting and eclectic environment to both students and faculty.


PhD Students

Danielle Batista
B.A.R.M. (Brasilia), M.I.S. (Brasilia)

Research interests:

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Victoria Lemieux

Amelia W. Cole
B.A. (Washington), M.A. (Portland) 

Research interests: Affect, Engagement, Human-computer interaction, Digitally-mediated learning, Information behaviour, Information retrieval

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Heather O’Brien


Samuel Dodson
B.A. (Lewis & Clark College), M.L.I.S (British Columbia)

Research interests: Digital Reading and Writing, Human-Computer Interaction, Hypermedia, Information Retrieval

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Luanne Freund

 Evans, Lois

Lois Evans
B.A. (British Columbia), M.I.S. (Toronto)

Research interests: social networks, digital diplomatics, autoclassification, machine learning, and information security

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Luciana Duranti

Vanessa Figueiredo
B.C.P. (Fluminense), M.M.C. (Rio de Janeiro)

Research interests: Information evaluation; Information seeking, retrieval and use; Internet information skills; Searching as learning; Youth interaction with technology.

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Eric Meyers

Hoda Hamouda
B.Sc. (German University in Cairo), M.D. (Emily Carr)

Research interests:

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Victoria Lemieux

Andrea Hoff

B.F.A. Honours (Victoria), M.A. (Dublin), M.F.A. (Vancouver)

Research interests: Graphic Novels; Visual Literacy; Multimodal Literacies; New Media; Popular Culture; Identity; Marginalization; Critical Theory; Feminist Theory; Creative Writing; Youth and Young Adults; Youth Engagement; Community Action

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Eric Meyers


Darra Hofman

B.A. (Arizona State), J.D. (Arizona State), M.S.L.S. (Kentucky)

Research interests: Identity, Law And Records, Human Rights In Records, Privacy And Data Protection

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Luciana Duranti

Jansen_photo (Custom)

Adam Jansen
B.S. (Wisconsin-Oshkosh), MS Interdisciplinary: Public History, Business Administration and Computer Science (Eastern Washington)

Research interests: Digital Preservation, Archival Diplomatics, Trustworthy Records, Database Design, Computer Forensics, Information Assurance.

Dissertation Topic/Title: Authenticity in Records Systems: An Analysis of Technological Contexts in Digital Archives Supporting the Authenticity of Records.

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Luciana Duranti


Michelle Kaczmarek
B.A. Honors (Durham), M.A. (Durham), M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)

Research interests: Sustainable Information Practices; Information, Disruption and Resilience; Migration and Displacement; Human-computer Interaction. 

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Lisa Nathan


Millicent Mabi
B.Sc. (Delta State), M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)

Research interests: Information need, seeking and use; Settlement and integration of newcomers; Information literacy; Management of information organizations; Web-based information seeking.

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Heather O’Brien


Alamir Novin
B.A. (British Columbia), M.A. (Concordia)

Research interests: Human Computer Interaction, Information visualization, Concept Mapping, Educational Technology, Social networking

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Eric Meyers

Drew Paulin
B.A. Honors (Ontario), M.Sc. (British Columbia)

Research interests: eLearning, Educational Technology, Learning Analytics, Interaction Design, Information Visualization, Human Computer Interaction.

Dissertation Topic/Title: The design and evaluation of blended learning educational environments

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Caroline Haythornthwaite

Nathaniel Payne
B.B.A. (British Columbia), M.Sc. (British Columbia), M.S. (Georgia)

Research interests: TBA

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Victoria Lemieux

elizabeth (Custom)

Elizabeth Shaffer
B.A. (British Columbia), M.A.S. (British Columbia)

Research interests: Social Media, Archival theory, Information Policy, Intellectual Property, Digital Preservation.

Dissertation Topic/Title: Social media in government: An exploratory study of the nature of social media digital artefacts and the implications for public policy

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Luciana Duranti


Saguna Shankar
B.A. (London), M.L.I.S. (British Columbia)

Research interests: Human-Information Interaction; Information Practices of Newcomers to Canada; Information Services to Support Social Inclusion; Visual Research Methods.

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Lisa Nathan


Tristan Triponez
B.I.S. (HTW Chur), M.Sc. (HTW Chur)

Research interests: Digital preservation, Long term preservation of music

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Luciana Duranti


Bonnie Tulloch
B.A. Honours, (SFU), M.A. Children’s Literature (UBC)

Research interests: Children’s and Young Adult Media; Internet Memes; Children’s and Young Adult Literature; Nonsense and Sense-making; Multiliteracies; Critical Literacy; Postcolonial and Feminist Theory; Translation Theory

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Eric Meyers


Graduates of the iSchool Doctoral Program




Present Occupation

Dr. Weimei Pan 2019

Managing records as evidence and information in China in the context of cloud-based services

Dr. Gilbert Sarah Ann 2018

Motivations for participating in online initiatives : exploring motivations across initiative types

Dr. Colleen Addison 2017 The issue of avoidance : information avoidance in the context of personal health concerns
Dr. Elaine Goh 2016 Archival law from the trenches : the impact of archival legislation on records management in commonwealth countries Records Manager, College of Registered Nurses of BC
Dr. Jessica Bushey 2016 The archival trustworthiness of digital photographs in social media platforms.
Dr. Corinne Rogers 2015 Virtual authenticity : authenticity of digital records from theory to practice Project Coordinator, InterPARES Trust
Dr. Donald Force 2013 Pursuing the “usual and ordinary course of business” : an exploratory study of the role of recordkeeping standards in the use of records as evidence in Canada Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Dr. Nancy Black 2014 The information seeking experiences of the post-secondary distance/online student
Dr. Jean McKendry 2013 Reading the landscape of public libraries as place : experiences of homeless men in public libraries in Vancouver, BC Academic Librarian, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Dr. Li (Sherry) Xie 2013 The nature of record and the information management crisis in the Government of Canada : a grounded theory study
Dr. Evelyn Markwei (2013) 2013 Everyday life information seeking behaviour of urban homeless youth Lecturer, Department of Information Studies, University of Ghana
Dr. Tatal Al-haji 2012 Exploring the relationship between research in Information Retrieval and Information Seeking Behavior Assistant Professor, Department of Library & Information Studies, Kuwait University
Dr. Lei Zhang 2011 A study of functional units for information use of scholarly journal articles
Dr. Chia-Ning Chiang 2010 A multi-dimensional approach to the study of online annotation Library Coordinator of Taiwan Citation Index, National Central Library in Taiwan
Dr. Saad Alzahrani 2010 The role of editorial boards of scholarly journals on the green and the gold road to open access
Dr. Hee Jin Park 2009 Understanding a folksonomy as a web classification
Dr. Cherie Givens 2009 An exploration of pre-censorship of children’s books : perceptions and experiences of canadian authors and illustrators

Lecturer, San Jose State University

Information Privacy Specialist/Attorney-at-Law

Dr. Fiorella Foscarini 2009 Function-based records classification systems : an exploratory study of records management practices Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto