Integration Plans Halted

The proposed integration of the iSchool, the School of Journalism and the Bachelor of Media Studies program, under consideration for the past year, has been halted.  While the prospect of becoming part of a new School for Media and Information was greeted enthusiastically by faculty and many stakeholders within the iSchool, in the final rounds of discussion it became apparent that the proposal did not have sufficient support overall, and, therefore, Acting Dean of Arts Kathryn Harrison decided not to take this forward at this time.

Therefore, the integration will not take place this summer, and SLAIS, the iSchool, will continue as a stand-alone unit within the Faculty of Arts for the 2017-18 academic year.  We want to thank all those who participated in the consultation process, as the many discussions and the input we received were very valuable, and will serve the School as we move forward with strategic planning for the future.

Update March 28, 2017

We thank everyone who provided input on the initial draft proposal for an integrated school. We have sought to incorporate these perspectives into a new version of the proposal, attached here.

Proposal for Integrated School

Update: January 14, 2017

A very successful SLAIS Town Hall was held on Saturday January 14th with representatives from many stakeholders including faculty, alumni and students. Hosted by Acting Director Dr. Luanne Freund the Town Hall included Dr. Alfred Hermida, Director of the School of Journalism.

Update: December 9, 2016

Draft proposal distributed to students, select listserv’s and community members for feedback in preparation to submit revised version to UBC Senate for approval. Date for final submissions January 27, 2017.

School of Media and Information Proposal Document (Dec 9)