Program Assessment

Statistical Data on Enrolment and Completion Rates

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies gathers and provides information on all graduate level degree programs at the University. In addition to general program and tuition information the following links provide information on enrolment data and program completion rates.

Recent Employment Data from our Graduates

Source: iSchool Alumni Surveys

Table 1: Alumni survey respondents currently employed and working in a field related to their UBC iSchool degree, by program.

Survey Date Graduation Date MLIS MAS Dual (MAS/MLIS)
2010 2008/9 97% (N=37) 100% (N=6) 80% (N=10)
2011 2009/10 88% (N=48) 67% (N=6) 100% (N=9)
2011 2006 96% (N=28) 75% (N=4) 100% (N=1)
2014 2011/12 89% (N=36) 100% (N=11) 82% (N=11)
2014 2012/13 90% (N=39) 100% (N=2) 67% (N=3)
2015 2014/2015 84% (N=86) 79% (N=15) 94% (N=16)
2016 2015/2016 87% (N=31) 83% (N=6) 100% (N=5)
2017 2016/2017 96% (N=24) 60% (N=3) 100% (N=3)

 Learning Outcomes Assessment

The iSchool professional programs (MLIS, MAS and Dual MAS/MLIS) are subject to ongoing evaluation through a learning outcomes assessment program.

Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS)

The MLIS program is delivered through a curriculum of required and elective courses, a range of experiential learning opportunities, including co-operative education, practica and capstone experiences, and school-wide extra-curricular activities such as speaker series, research day, and student chapters of professional organizations. This educational experience is designed for students to achieve proficiency in the skills and knowledge required of information professionals. These program objectives are expressed in the iSchool Graduate Competencies.

The MLIS learning outcomes assessment program uses direct and indirect measures of student achievement to assess outcomes for each of the graduate competencies. Measures are drawn from a range of data sources, including course assignments, surveys of students and alumni, and reports from employers or supervisors of experiential learning placements.

The results of the assessment program are publicly reported in our Annual Assessment Reports.

View the 2017 iSchool Annual Assessment Report

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