Timetable 2020 – 2021 Winter Session

Last updated June 1, 2020

Term 1 | Term 2



September – December

Subject to Change

Please note that all Term 1 courses will be online.

General guidance


For courses that meet together online at set times, efforts will be made to provide recorded materials to students in case of availability or time zone issues that limit participation. However, students cannot register for two online courses that meet together at set times during the same 3 hour time slot.

For the courses that meet together online at set times, most courses will not require that students attend 3 hour online sessions. Instead, courses will require meetings of 1.5 to 2 hours and will provide online materials and activities for students to complete on their own for the remaining weekly course time.


Courses that have no set online meeting times will have office hours, where students can connect with their instructors directly by phone or video chat, and students may be asked to set up scheduled meetings with small groups. However, these classes will not have any required meetings of the whole class at set times to enable students the flexibility to work around other courses and commitments in completing their course work.

Online courses are just as demanding as in-person classes and some students may find them more demanding and tiring, due to the amount of screen time. Students who have concerns about the workload and are able to reduce their course load to 3 courses may want to consider this option.


SYNCHRONOUS (meets together online at set times, as per the schedule)


9-11:50 a.m. 

ARST 587/LIBR 587: Preservation, Tara Fraser | Syllabus


LAIS 605: Advanced Seminar in Research Methods, Rick Kopak | Syllabus


ARST 550: Management of Audio-Visual and Non-Textual Archives, Jana Grazley & Kristy Waller | Syllabus



ARST 510: Archival Diplomatics, Lois Evans | Syllabus

LIBR 554/ARST 554: Database Design, Richard Arias-Hernandez | Syllabus


LIBR 534: Health Information Sources and Services, Vanessa Kitchin and Colleen Pawliuk | Syllabus



ARST 516: Management of Current Records, Victoria Lemieux | Syllabus

LIBR 564 / ARST 585: Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives, Tricia Logan | Syllabus

LIBR 559C: Python Programming, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed | Syllabus


ARST 545: Advanced Arrangement and Description of Archival Documents, Jennifer Douglas | Syllabus

To make the course more accessible to students, the pre-requisites for this course have been adjusted. Pre-requisites for MAS and DUAL students: completion of MAS Core.

LIBR 514J / ARST 565: Administering Records Under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation, Robyn Biggar | Syllabus



LAIS 607: Doctoral Proseminar, Lisa Nathan | Syllabus


ARST 555: The Preservation of Digital Records, Corinne Rogers | Syllabus



LIBR 570: Marketing in Information Organizations, Alyssa Green and Daniel Slessor | Syllabus


ASYNCHRONOUS (no set online meeting times – self-determined schedule)

ARST 515: Arrangement and Description of Archives Jennifer Douglas | Syllabus

ARST 573: Archival Systems and the Profession Elizabeth Shaffer | Syllabus

ARST 575J / LIBR 514K: IT Security, Information Assurance and Risk Management Victoria Lemieux | Syllabus

LIBR 504 / ARST 570: Management of Information Organizations Peggy Lunn | Syllabus

LIBR 506: Human Information Interaction Saguna Shankar | Syllabus

LIBR 507: Methods of Research and Evaluation in Information Organizations Rick Kopak | Syllabus

LIBR 508: Information Practices in Contemporary Society Hannah Turner| Syllabus

LIBR 509: Foundations of Resource Description and Knowledge Organization Julia Bullard | Syllabus

LIBR 520: Survey of Literature and Other Materials for Children, Tess Prendergast | Syllabus

LIBR 541: New Media for Children and Young Adults  Eric Meyers | Syllabus

LIBR 555: Information Design I: Systems Rick Kopak | Syllabus

LIBR 559L: Issues in Scholarly Communications and Publications, Heather O’Brien | Syllabus

LIBR 569C: Extending the Progressive Tradition of Information Professions, Julia Bullard | Syllabus

LIBR 580: Collection Management Tess Prendergast | Syllabus




January – April

Subject to Change

Please note that Term 2 courses are currently planned to be face-to-face, with UBC’s current directions, but it is possible that the university may decide at a later time that courses will need to move online.




ARST 587/LIBR 587: Preservation [IKBLC 155], Tara Fraser | Syllabus

LIBR 588: Theory and Practice of Oral History, [IKBLC 461] Hannah Turner | Syllabus

ARST 575M / LIBR 559T: Blockchain Technology for Information Professionals [IKBLC 461], Victoria Lemieux | Syllabus


ARST 520: Selection and Acquisition of Archival Documents [IKBLC 155], Luciana Duranti | Syllabus

LIBR 527: Services for Children, [IKBLC 461] Tess Prendergast | Syllabus

LIBR 548F: History of the Book, [TBD] Erik Kwakkel | Syllabus

ARST 556L / LIBR 514L: Metadata [Terrace Lab], Julia Bullard | Syllabus

LAIS 608: Academic and Research Practices in Library Archival and Information Studies, Eric Meyers | Syllabus


ARST 540 (3) Archival Public Services [IKBLC 155], Jessica Bushey | Syllabus

LIBR 511: Cataloguing and Classification [Terrace Lab], Maryann Kempthorne | Syllabus



LIBR 504/ARST 570: Management of Information Organizations [IKBLC 155], TBD | Syllabus


LIBR 506: Human Information Interaction [IKBLC 155], Heather O’Brien | Syllabus

ARST 575K/LIBR 539H: Personal Archives [IKBLC 461], Jennifer Douglas | Syllabus

LIBR 557: Information Retrieval Concepts and Practices [Terrace Lab], Samuel Dodson | Syllabus


LIBR 535: Instructional Role of the Librarian [IKBLC 461], Fiona Hunt | Syllabus

LIBR 574: Project Management in Information Organizations [Terrace Lab], Trevor Smith | Syllabus



ARST 517: History of Record Keeping [IKBLC 461], Luciana Duranti| Syllabus

LIBR 508: Information Practices in Contemporary Society [PCN 1002], Hannah Turner | Syllabus


LIBR 509: Foundations of Resource Description and Knowledge Organization [IKBLC 155], Julia Bullard | Syllabus

LIBR 556: Information Design II: Documents [Terrace Lab], Rick Kopak | Syllabus

ARST 591: Archival Research and Scholarship, [IKBLC 461] Jennifer Douglas | Syllabus

LIBR 526: Literature and Other Materials for Young Adults, [UCEN 526], Eric Meyers| Syllabus

LIBR 576: Public Libraries, Tess Prendergast | Syllabus


LIBR 579J: Community-led Libraries, Jorge Cardenas & Christie Menzo | Syllabus

LIBR 533: Legal Information Sources and Services, Carolyne Petrie | Syllabus


LIBR 507: Methods of Research and Evaluation in Information Organizations [IKBLC 155], Rick Kopak | Syllabus

LIBR 561: Information Policy, Michelle Kaczmarek | Syllabus

LIBR 554/ARST 554: Database Design, Richard Arias-Hernandez | Syllabus


LIBR 571: Human Resource Management, Chris Middlemass + Adam Farrell | Syllabus

ARST 500: Information Technology and Archives [Terrace Lab], Jill Teasley | Syllabus



LIBR 580: Collection Management [IKBLC 155], Tess Prendergast | Syllabus

ARST 580: Records, Archives, and the Law [IKBLC 461], Darra Hofman | Syllabus