Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) [Please Note: Not Accepting Applications At This Time]

The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) is a program for professional librarians and archivists. The program permits experienced information professionals who hold a post-graduate degree to engage in focused further study in their field over a period of up to five years, leading to the award of a Certificate of Advanced Study. The Certificate program allows the candidate, with advice from the faculty, to build a program of coursework that is uniquely designed to further his or her own interests. It also permits an intensive exploration of some aspect of the field through a research project, directed study, or thesis.

Each applicant to the certificate program must hold an entry-level professional degree. Applicants for the library and information studies curriculum must hold a Master's degree in library and information studies earned in an ALA-accredited program, or a program of equivalent stature in another country. Applicants for the archival studies curriculum must hold a Master's degree in archival studies or a related field. All applicants must present evidence of satisfactory professional work experience, preferably showing progress over time to positions of greater responsibility and authority.

The program of study will comprise 24 credits of work. It will concentrate on one or, at the most, two aspects of either library and information studies or archival studies. The concentrations that are available at any one particular time will depend on the availability of qualified instructors.

The program of study may consist entirely of course work, or of course work and a 12-credit thesis. Where course work alone is selected, one course must consist of a research project or directed study. With the permission of the student's adviser and the School's Director, up to six credits of course work may be taken outside the School. No course taken prior to acceptance into the program will be granted credit toward the Certificate.

The program may begin in Term 1 or Term 2 of a Winter Session or in Term 1 of Summer Session.

The applicant will select an adviser from among the School's full-time faculty members. The applicant and adviser, following consultation with instructors within and perhaps outside the School, will design a proposed program of study suitable for the applicant. The proposed program must include:

  • A list of courses which the applicant proposes to take
  • A timetable indicating the applicant's ability and willingness to complete the Certificate program within five years
  • A one-page description of the extended written work which the applicant proposes to complete as a thesis, research project, or directed study.

The proposed program of study, approved both by the applicant and the advisor, must be accepted by the School's Admission Committee prior to the applicant's admission to the Certificate program. Once the proposed program of study is approved, the applicant to the Certificate program must submit a formal application to the School.