Student Employment

There are a number of employment opportunities typically available to iSchool students, both on campus and off. Rates of pay vary, but the majority of hosts offer rates between $16 and $22 per hour. Full-time students are encouraged to limit their work to 10 to 12 hours a week.

On the UBC iSchool News blog, we provide information about employment opportunities for students as well as graduates looking for professional or academic employment. Student employment opportunities may be on campus, off-campus, part-time, or for summer employment. All student positions are listed under the Employment – Student category.

Note for current students: These employment postings are automatically fed into the iSchool Central portal. If you wish to see them in your email or other feed aggregator, you may set up an RSS feed from this blog.

On-campus employment is open to all SLAIS students. The study visa for international students allows on-campus employment. To explore some of the current on-campus opportunities, visit UBC Careers website, and select Browse Postings. Use your CWL to login, and limit the posts to those on the Vancouver Campus. Jobs specifically for students in related to iSchool degrees are posted to the blog; if you are seeking other employment, such as waiting or bartending, be sure to check the jobs at Career Services regularly.

Graduate Academic Assistantships: You can apply to work in the library branches at UBC or the University Archives, or for special projects such as the Digital Media Interns who work at the Barber Centre. UBC Library and University Archives hire 40 to 50 SLAIS students annually for these positions. These positions are limited to no more than 12 hours per week, but pay well, and must be done in conjunction with your studies. Some require completion of a program core coursework first. You can find these positions posted under various titles under the Work Study/Work Learn program, on the Student Careers portal linked above. Jobs may be open for only a week, so check regularly.

Research Assistantships: iSchool professors have been successful in obtaining significant research funding in order to add to the body of knowledge in our professions. These projects typically include tasks and activities that can be done by paid student researchers. Generally, professors will put out a call for RAs on the iSchool News blog, or will mention the project in a class that specifically addresses the skills they are looking for. Otherwise, if you are interested in working on a specific project, ask the relevant professor.

Contract Work: Other academic units, campus organizations, professors and others occasionally post short-term contract jobs for students. These can be as short as a few hours to as long as a term or even two.

These jobs are available to those who are legally entitled to work in Canada. If you are an international student, you will need to apply for a change to your study visa, a relatively simple procedure. See the page on working provided by UBC's International House.

Student librarians: Several public libraries in the Vancouver area hire student librarians. MACL students are also candidates for some positions that involve literature-specific programs, such as the Book Camp. These are posted to students via the iSchool News blog.

Student archivists: Local organizations archives occasionally hire students when funding is available.. Many non-profit and public sector organizations post summer student positions as well. These are posted to students via the iSchool News blog.

Contract jobs: Corporations and non-profit organizations frequently ask SLAIS staff to post short-term contract jobs for students. These can be as short as a few days to as long as an academic year or longer. These are posted to students via the iSchool News blog.

Co-op is an educational model that integrates paid, full-time work-terms with your program of study, offering students the opportunity to combine real world experience with their classroom training. Students in the co-op program employment skills specific to the iSchool professions. Learn more about the iSchool Co-op Program.

Employers who wish to post a position or want  further information may contact the iSchool Educational Services Coordinator at or 604-822-2461.